Unicorns Are the A-list Gays of Children's Literature

It's easy to see ourselves to the new kid book Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great.

Remembering Stonewall: Martin Duberman Explains Symbolic Significance

The author of Stonewall recounts the events of that day and the significance of that one unifying night

WATCH: 8 Authors Talk Pride

Christopher Bram, Dorothy Allison, Martin Duberman, Elana Dykewomon, Michael Nava, Joseph Caldwell, Ned Rorem, and Lisa Alther discuss being gay authors before it was 'allowed'

Dan Savage on Exodus Closure: God Hates Fags, With Hugs

'They're just re-packing their hate with smiley faces and hugs... Hugs are good, but someone can stab you in the back more effectively in a hug.'

James Franco's A California Childhood: Win Signed Copy

This 'memoir' is an intimate portrait of the artist as a young man

One of the Year's Best LGBT Graphic Novels Is for Teens

One of the Year's Best LGBT Graphic Novels Is for Teens

Flutter, with its transgender and queer themes, offers a great classic comic superhero in a totally nontraditional superhero story.

Authors Talk Sodom and Gomorrah and Texas Lesbian History

Authors Talk Sodom and Gomorrah

Lesbian authors Justine Saracen and Shelley Thrasher talk about fictionalizing history.

Brideshead Revisited: Finding Real-Life Sebastian Flyte, Evelyn Waugh's Lover

In a new collection of essays, How to Disappear: A Memoir for Misfits, the writer Duncan Fallowell describes the mystery of Alastair Graham, the real-life model for the charismatic Sebasti

Tell-All: Transgender Navy SEALs Kick Butt

Kristen Beck fought for this nation as Chris Beck, a manly Navy SEAL

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