Aug Sept 2016
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Paul Reubens has three films lined up

Paul Reubens, currently costarring in the film Blow, plans to make two movies resurrecting the character that made him famous, Pee-wee Herman. reports he’s also got a third film in the conceptual stages. Reubens rose to fame in his TV show Pee-wee’s Playhouse, but the show was canceled after his arrest for indecent exposure in 1991. Reubens claims he never meant to retire his alter ego’s bow tie, but “my break [just] became a little longer than I had anticipated.... I’m really ready to do it now. I wasn’t for a long time, and now I am.” The movies featuring the quasi-androgynous Pee-wee will be geared toward different audiences: The one charting Pee-wee’s rise, The Pee-wee Herman Story, will be a dark tale “that kids won’t be able to come to.” The other is promised to be more kid-friendly and will be “an epic adventure that begins and ends in the Playhouse.”