Marvel Comics clarifies position on warning labels



Joe Quesada,
editor in chief of Marvel Comics, has
announced that Marvel Comics will not use any
warning labels

for comics with gay
characters, reports Newsrama.

"It’s given us
the opportunity to spark some internal discussions
and revisit this issue, especially in light of the
fact that we have

characters like Freedom
Ring and that we’ve had more gay and
lesbian characters appearing in Marvel Comics than ever
before. In

many ways, the
old policy over the last few years has just sort of
faded away, so let me just say that there is no
longer any policy,"

Quesada told Newsrama
last week.

Earlier this
month at Wizard World Chicago, Marvel Comics announced
that no ongoing solo series starring gay or
lesbian characters

would go out without
a warning label. Quesada said that decision came about
because of the negative media attention Marvel received

for their
2003 series featuring the Western character Rawhide
Kid and his sexuality. (The Advocate