WATCH: Gay Heavy Metal, Trans Films, Queer Comics, and Butch Voices

More than just an ask for cash, these great new crowdfunded LGBT projects give back something for everyone, from sexy rock star images to free books for trans kids and film fest return that honors an LGBT activist who committed suicide last year.



QU33R, a New Queer Comics Anthology

Last year, Justin Hall edited the amazing compilation, No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, that took readers on a journey from the beginnings of LGBT comics history to the present day.QU33R, from Ignatz-Award-nominated editor Rob Kirby, is an all-new project featuring queer comics legends as well as new talents that picks up where No Straight Lines left off. It features 241 pages of new comics from 33 different contributors — legends and new faces alike. Organizer Zan Christensen says, "Where No Straight Lines set down our history, QU33R shines a light on our future!"