Holidays—It Should Be So Nice



SUPPORTING GAY RIGHTS X390 (STOCK) | ADVOCATE.COMServing a fantastic vegetarian or vegan holiday meal that even meat lovers will love

There are so many amazing vegetables available—you don’t need to add ham or bacon to them to make them taste good. There are also the mock meats like tofurkey, which gives things a twist. It gets a bad rep because the name sounds funny, but if you make it the right way, it’s just terrific. One thing I like to do is make stuffing, like cornbread stuffing, into a main course. You can add veggie sausage and celery to it to make it heartier—that’s my personal favorite, and people really like it too. Also, check out for recipes. If you’re going home with a partner for the first time and worried about what might ensue from the whole gay thing, there’s nothing more distracting than springing on the family that a vegan is coming to dinner.

DAN MATTHEWS X100 | ADVOCATE.COMDan Mathews, senior vice president of campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (