Brandy Grown Up

Despite a rough couple of years, onetime R&B princess Brandy is holding her head high on her new album Human. Though gay fans would probably line the block for a sequel of "The Boy Is Mine" with former duet buddy Monica, don't hold your breath -- Brandy, now 29, says, "We're too old for that."




A longstanding rumor is that on the set of your
television series Moesha, you and your costar
Countess Vaughn were feuding. Was there any truth to that?
You know how it is -- you’re growing up,
you’re a teenager, you get into a little this
and that. If it was any feuding it was just that we
were teenagers. That was it, nothing real dramatic. Our
chemistry on-camera was incredible, so it
couldn’t have been that much feuding going on.
But you know how it is, families fight sometimes and you say
things you don’t mean. If it was anything, it was
that. It wasn’t like I didn’t like
Countess or didn’t support her or any of that -- the
same with her for me.

When are fans going to get a tour? 2009.

Early 2009? Maybe later 2009, because I want it to be right.

When you were on The View in mid 2007,
Barbara Walters pulled your hair and asked if it
was real. Some people were really offended and it was
all over the Internet. Did that make you feel uncomfortable?
It did -- of course it made me feel
uncomfortable. No one’s ever really asked that
question to me, especially on live television. I think some
things are just inappropriate, but I don’t think she
meant anything by it. You know what I mean? I
don’t think she was trying to be rude in any
type of way. Maybe she just really liked it and just wanted
to know if it was real because it looked so good --
you never know! I played it off; I just don’t
think that she knew. She didn’t really mean anything
by it. I hope not.

You did play it off, but some folks were offended. I don’t know -- how do you think she came
off? Do you think she came off like she was being
rude? I mean, is she always like that? [Laughs]
I’ve never really seen her with anyone else.

She came off a little too curious. In my opinion,
it was weird. By the way, is there any chance we will
ever get a sequel of “The Boy Is
Mine” from you and Monica -- maybe called
“The Man Is Mine”?
No! No! We’re not going to fight over
another guy. We’re too old for that!

Have you talked to Monica recently? I haven’t, it’s been awhile. I
tried to reach out to her, but her number was changed.
Stop changing your number, girl!

For the record, if you and Monica were ever in a
fight, who do you think would win?
Oh, my goodness! I’m not going to answer

A playful fight! I don’t know! [Laughs] Monica

Monica seems like she could throw a punch. Monica would probably win! [Laughs]

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