David’s sentiments are echoed by his partners in crime in making the video, who are all equally nonplussed by their instant Internet celebrity. Richard notes that he is “thrilled that people are able to relate to... great friends enjoying an even better vacation."

Brian seconds the sentiment: "I never thought my summer vacation would be seen throughout the world!”

Along those same lines, Justin chimes in to say, “Making this video was truly a blast. I was honestly shocked to see how many people not only viewed it online but also really enjoyed it! I'm so happy to see that we're not the only ones who think our crazy antics are funny.”

Meanwhile Ryan, who admits that he didn’t know the lyrics to the song prior to the shoot and had to be “fed his lines,” initially had some reservations about how quickly the video was catching on with folks across the worldwide Web. But he soon got on board. “After an hour or so of regrets, I realized that we are just a group of guys having a summer of sun, fun, and Miley,” he says. “It's all fun and games until you are rolling around the beach in a Speedo lip-synching for your life."

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