Celebrities Raise Voices On Point to Benefit LGBTQ Scholars

Celebrities and Scholars turned out for the Point Foundation's "Voices on Point" Concert and Gala in Los Angles on Saturday, September 15.




Hal Sparks, host, comedian, actor on Showtime's Queer As Folk, on what the future holds for Point Scholars:

"For these kids, my hope for them, and the unfortunate necessity for them, is that they become eventual members of the power structure of our country, our legal system, and our corporate structure. Because that's how things change."

Sparks also offered a timeline for the future of LGBT equality: 

"Five years from today, you will see an understanding of 'it doesn't matter.' This will be the political platform: It is inconsequential what your sexual identification is…  There will be a conversational embarrassment by those who are bigoted against it, where they will no longer feel safe to be there. They're already moving in that direction. That's why they're flipping out. 

"But in 10 years, we will look upon equal rights as far as gays and lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people marrying, the way we look at women not having the vote or interracial marriage in the 60s. In a decade. There will be fighters all along the way, and it will be tooth and nail at certain points, and we'll certainly have periods where it'll feel like we've moved back two years… But it takes these kinds of movements, these kind of pushes forward, to recognize how many knuckle-draggers we have amongst us."