PHOTOS: The Two Worlds of Leon Eldridge

Dave Vaughn's photo essay shows two different sides of one man's life in the conservative city of Lubbock, Texas.



Eldridge participates in communion with Yvonne Barth, a theologian in the Metropolitan Community Church in Lubbock.

Concerning religion, specifically Christianity, Eldridge says he has many philosophical and theological ideas, but the core of his beliefs is that the Bible is outdated and should not be taken literally.

"If there is a God," Eldridge says, "and that God being an omnipresent, omnipotent God, created us and knew who we were before he even created our spirit, then he wouldn't have created a flaw if he's perfect."

He goes on to say that he thinks the human conception of Christianity is skewed, because the Bible was not written by a divine power, but rather by spiritual men who were supposedly divine vessels.

"I think of God as sexless," Eldridge says, "and I think he views our spirit as the same .... or she."

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