My Two Dads

A gay couple open their doors -- and their hearts -- to an anti-gay adoption activist on FX’s 30 Days.



Your sons are all fairly young. Were you concerned about bringing someone into the house who might antagonize them?Dennis: Well, all we knew was this was someone was who was opposed to gay adoption -- we weren’t sure what she'd say. But the kids understand there are people who don’t think we should be a family. She couldn’t say anything we hadn’t all heard before.

Thomas: I talked to the producers about my concerns, and they explained it would all be monitored and that the kids would be OK and adult conversations would take place in another room away from the boys. 

Aside from the gay issue, how was Kati as a houseguest?Thomas: She was a pleasant enough person.

Dennis: [Laughs] “A nice enough person.” You sound like Barack Obama. 

There’s a fair amount of confrontation in the episode. Did the show present an accurate depiction of what happened while Kati lived with you?Dennis: It’s basically an honest representation, though it kind of suggests she was always apart from us. Which wasn’t necessarily the case -- we did a lot together, and there were times where everything was fine and nice. It’s not like she was upset and crying for 30 days.

Thomas: That was the other part of my concerns. How would this affect the boys once it aired? What will it make us look like? But it was fair. We felt going in we'd be OK -- we had seen the show and met with the producers. 

Why do you think Kati did the show?Dennis: We don’t know. I thought they'd pick someone from Focus on the Family.

Thomas: She responded to an ad on Craigslist.

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