Keeping It Real

Before everyone arrived... before names had even been exchanged, members of The Real World: Cancún cast asked the gay question. They knew there was one among them -- and his name is Derek Chavez.




And how did your family react? I'm really close with my grandmother, and it was kind of hard to tell her. She didn't really know until my freshman year in college. I told her by bringing my ex-boyfriend around. I didn't really tell her. I just tried to give her the hint.

But it was kind of easy for my mom because of my older brother's situation. My uncle, who I call my brother and is my best friend, is gay too. When I was little, she told me when he came out, "And you better not be a little homo either." I know she knew it, but it was funny. I took her to meet my ex, and she liked him. She said, "Where do you guys live?" So I showed her. She was surprised that there was only one bed. I said, "Yeah, we share a bed." She said, "Oh, OK," and the idea set into her. She's going to be uncomfortable seeing me kiss guys because she doesn't want to be around it, but she's OK with the idea.

Is she going to see a lot of that on the show? Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes. I already warned her. I said, "Brace yourself for what's going to happen. It's not that bad, but it's not something that you will want to see."

MTV is suggesting that you brought some ex-boyfriend baggage to Cancú;n? Can you tell us about that? I didn't bring it along. Someone came uninvited and… caused a little ruckus down in Cancú;n.

A little ruckus? You'll just have to stay tuned and watch.

Reunion shows often provide a forum for those who don't feel they've been treated fairly. The stakes may feel higher as the only gay guy. Are you worried about how you'll be edited and later received? No, the thing about it is, I didn't get into any huge altercations on the show. From the very beginning, before this whole interviewing process, I said I'm not going to get into people's drama unless I have to. I went into this being myself, and that's who I was.

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