Porsche: Driving Miss Wanda

Love her or lynch her, drag queen Porsche sidekicks The Wanda Sykes Show into shape.




Are you pushing your drag agenda?
Absolutely. We’re trying to take drag to a different level and expose it to Middle America. Most people only see drag queens as bitchy hookers, which is so not true. We’re people. I’ve gotten a lot of response from the drag community thanking me for doing this.

Wanda’s first introduction of you was as her “favorite drag queen.” Did she clarify your gender in case Middle America didn’t get the joke?
That was definitely brought up in rehearsal. So many people told me, “You’re kind of passable. Some people might think you’re a woman, so let’s just hit the nail on the head now.”

“Passable” is a pretty nice compliment for a drag queen, right?
I guess so, but I don’t know what they’re looking at. I mean, come on, I tower over Wanda. And I’m not skinny enough to be a showgirl.

What do you add to the show?
Wanda really wanted to add a gay element to the show without rubbing it everyone’s face that she was gay. So here I come! I definitely add a much gayer slant than Wanda does.

Should she butch it up?
No, Wanda just needs to be Wanda. I’ve known her for three years and what you see is what you get with her.

How did you meet?
Wanda came to one of my shows at the Ice Palace on Fire Island three summers ago. She’s out there with friends every year, so the next year she came back. Then I ended up performing at her wedding in Palm Springs. This past summer, she came up to me before my show started and said, “I’m doing a show on Fox and I want to talk to you about being on it.” She had had a couple, of course, so later she came up on stage, grabbed the microphone, and asked the audience if I should be on her show.

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