The LGBT Parents of Prime Time

There were plenty of LGBT parents this season, including the gay dads on The New Normal and Modern Family, and the lesbian moms on Grey’s Anatomy. But what’s more interesting is finding out the characters we already love just happen to have LGBT parents. Here are some of our favorite recent outings.



Liam's mom on Shameless
It would take a whole article to explain Monica Gallagher, the mercurial and rather inept mom who comes and goes on Shameless. Last year she was in a same-sex relationship with a butchy lesbian gal named Bob, and prior to that she was with Frank, the father of her children. Then she broke up with Bob, slit her wrists, got confined to an institution, had sex with Jenna Elfman, escaped with help from Frank, then hit the road again. She may not be the most politically forward representation of bisexuality on TV, but at least she keeps viewers on their toes.

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