Dan Bucatinsky on Nudity, Assassination Attempts, and Gay Parenting on Scandal

The out actor discusses last night's shocking episode on a revealing podcast.



Dan Bucatinsky
Dan Bucatinsky

On a new podcast, out actor-writer Dan Bucatinsky has a lot to say about his Scandal role as a journalist married to the (male) White House chief of staff, including his near-assassination and nude scene on last night’s shocker of an episode, “Nobody Likes Babies.”

During the interview with executive producer Betsy Beers for the Scandal Revealed podcast, Bucatinsky also talks about the possibility of parenthood for his character, James Novak, and husband Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry). The series shows that “a gay couple can be married and want children and also not be holier-than-thou and also be ruthless and ambitious.” That’s something not portrayed elsewhere on network TV, he says. Listen here.

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