WATCH: Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat Reminisce About How They Met

The ladies talk Carrie, books, and couch surfing.



It seems like only yesterday, they say. But time flies when you're having fun — and no one has more fun than Jackie Beat.

She and Sherry Vine have been friends for a long time (since back in the smoking days) and accumulated a cadre of stories — some lurid, some sexy, all of them amazing. They readily talk smack about each other but love to look back at first bonding over lines from the film Carrie

Jackie Beat (a.k.a. Kent Fuher) is an actor, singer, songwriter and screenwriter and has appeared in films such as Wigstock: The Movie, Flawless and Adam & Steve (for which Beat also wrote and performed the song "Dance Off"). Beat now writes for Joan Rivers on E! Entertainment TV’s Fashion Police.

See Jackie Beat in her guest star appearance on tonight's She's Living for This! on Here TV.

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