Defying Inequality

The Los Angeles cast of Wicked took to a cabaret stage Monday night to combat inequality and raise money for gay rights. Wicked casts in New York, Louisville, and Chicago did so as well.



 Joanne Worley Wicked fund raiser (Brian Putnam) |

Throughout the
evening, the performers alternated between entertaining
and reminding the audience what we were all there for.

Joanne Worley, of
Laugh In fame and soon to be Madame Morible in
the show's San Francisco production, lead a live auction for
backstage passes to the S.F. production of the show
with her trademark screaming of "Wiiiiiiiiiiiiicked."

Espinosa hit a
particularly emotional note when, kneeling at the foot of
the stage, she belted out the Judy Garland classic
“Over the Rainbow.” She was followed by
Schwartz, who, after reminding the crowd that in his
home state of Connecticut, same-sex marriage is legal, took
to the piano and sang one of his tunes from
Godspell, lifting his fist in the air at the
end and telling the crowd that we will win this

Espinosa and
Hilty, who closed the L.A. production of Wicked
together as Elphaba and Glinda, took to the stage one
last time to perform the musical’s finale,
“For Good,” singing, “Who can say
if I've been changed for the better? But because I
knew you, I have been changed for good.”

For an evening
that spoke almost exclusively of friendship, support, and
solidarity, the lyrics certainly rang true throughout the

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