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In the Arts & Entertainment section, The Advocate brings readers all the latest news on Hollywood, Broadway, and beyond. From New York to Los Angeles, The Advocate shines a spotlight on the stars of the screen who are lending their voices to support the LGBT community, as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are moving the cultural needle. Discover A-list interviews, the best gay movies and reviews of theater, music, books and television. Learn how Arts & Entertainment can shape national dialogue and can work to advance equality.
WATCH: Brothers Shows the Delight and Difficulty of Dating While Trans

WATCH: The Delight and Difficulty of Dating While Trans

The transmasculine-themed show kicks of Season 2 with Max's achingly sweet — and awkward — dating life.

Which 'Magic Mike XXL' Star Would Win a Vogue Battle? (Video)

Which Magic Mike XXL Star Would Win a Vogue Battle? (Video)

Stars like Jada Pinkett-Smith and choreographers weigh in at the film's premiere in this episode of Advocate Spotlight.

The Gay Future, According to Michael Musto

The Gay Future, According to Michael Musto

The world will be brighter in years to come, but we’ll still have Liza.

WATCH: 'Drag Race' Winner Violet Chachki Drops Debut EP, Shares New 'Vanguard' Video

Drag Race Winner Violet Chachki Shares New 'Vanguard' Video

The season 7 queen shows off her aerialist skills, and a little skin, in her latest video.

Caitlyn Jenner Steps Out with Transgender Celebrities

Caitlyn Jenner's Big Trans Dinner

Reality star Caitlyn Jenner didn't just pop in to a pride party in New York on Sunday, she also went to dinner with several other transgender celebrities.

EXCLUSIVE: Daisha Premieres  'Hiyah (F.O.H.)' Music Video

EXCLUSIVE: Daisha Premieres 'Hiyah (F.O.H.)' Music Video

One of hip-hop's most prominent backup dancers is ready to be front and center.

21 Best (and Worst) Queer Movie Villains

21 Best (and Worst) Queer Movie Villains

LGBT movie villains have evolved over time — for better and for worse.

Laverne Cox Takes B. Scott As Her 'Date' to the BET Awards

Laverne Cox and B. Scott Owned the BET Awards Red Carpet

Laverne Cox posted photos of the two trans fashion icons together, celebrating their #sisterhood as #lovemuffins.

WATCH: John Oliver Explains Why Respecting Trans People Just Isn't That Hard
July 01 2015 11:09 AM ET

WATCH John Oliver on Respecting Trans: It Isn't That Hard

Celebrating their 'courage' and then not working to end anti-trans discrimination is wrong, says Oliver.

Reality Star Caitlyn Jenner Attends First Pride Since Coming Out as Transgender
June 29 2015 10:51 AM ET

Caitlyn Jenner Steps Out at NY Pride

Caitlyn Jenner stepped out at New York Pride on Sunday when she swung by a party in Chelsea.

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