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Questions Every Gay, Bi Man Should Ask at Their Physical

For many queer men, a visit to the doctor can be embarrassing and scary. Here’s how to put the fear aside.

Is George Santos Even Gay?

Michael Kelley, chairman of equalpride, thinks the embattled congressman should go through the rigorous vetting process that queer-owned companies endure.

Lock and Vote: What You Can Do to Stop Gun Deaths in America

There are simple actions we all can take to prevent more carnage.

After 9/11, I Witnessed Firsthand America’s Greatest Attribute

What it felt like to get as close as possible to unspeakable tragedy. 

How Provincetown Can Move Past the 'Cluster'

The gay tourism mecca became ground zero for "breakthrough" COVID cases, but a brighter, healthier future is possible.

What Roger Goodell Should Have Said About Carl Nassib

The NFL commissioner expressed the bare minimum of support for the newly out player.

Steps to Prep for the 'Era of Orgasm'

Some advice for the summer of fun that's just begun.

What Publix Should Have Said About Its Ties to a Capitol Riot Funder

An LGBTQ+ media entrepreneur gives Publix advice in denouncing heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli's role in funding the January 6 insurrection.

The Solution for Swift, Widespread Vaccine Distribution

One LGBTQ+ entrepreneur has some novel advice for defeating the pandemic.