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In the Arts & Entertainment section, The Advocate brings readers all the latest news on Hollywood, Broadway, and beyond. From New York to Los Angeles, The Advocate shines a spotlight on the stars of the screen who are lending their voices to support the LGBT community, as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are moving the cultural needle. Discover A-list interviews, the best gay movies and reviews of theater, music, books and television. Learn how Arts & Entertainment can shape national dialogue and can work to advance equality.
Meet the OG Diva Who Paved the Way for Monroe, Midler

Meet Sophie Tucker, the OG Diva

A new documentary chronicles the life of Sophie Tucker, who delighted audiences with her bawdy songs, loved both men and women, and set the standard for all divas who followed.

WATCH: The Gay-Centric Fashion Palace That Shocked NYC

WATCH: The Gay-Centric Fashion Palace That Shocked NYC

Recently-deceased designer Elio Fiorucci was much-loved for his disco-era fashions, as well as his free-wheeling stores, which served as incubators for Andy Warhol, Klaus Nomi, and Marc Jacobs.

How the Wicked Witch Helped a Gay Mormon Kid Come Out

How the Wicked Witch Helped a Gay Mormon Kid Come Out

Michael was convinced his homosexuality made him wicked, and that it meant he'd never have a family. But then The Wicked Witch of the West showed him otherwise.

WATCH:Erotic Gay Jurassic Park Parody Raises Deep Existential Questions

WATCH: This Erotic Gay Jurassic Park Parody Is Everything

Chris Pratt does not appear naked in the pornographic retelling of Jurassic Park, but if you use your imagination, one of the guys looks slightly like a Thai James Franco, so there's that.

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner: Sneak Peak Shows Her Without Makeup, Struggling With Responsibility

Caitlyn Jenner Revealed: No Makeup, Many Worries

Spoiler Alert: it's Caitlyn Jenner as we've never seen her before: au natural, bed hair, and sharing her burdens in a video diary.

Matt Bomer Won't Speak for Gay Community

WATCH: Matt Bomer Shuts Down Reporter Over Gay Question

Actor Matt Bomer schooled Hola Hollywood reporter Dulce Osuna after she asked him an insulting, steroetypical question about gay men.

WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal Talks 10 Years Since Brokeback Mountain, Marriage Equality

WATCH: 10 Years Later, Jake Gyllenhaal Reflects on Brokeback

The actor called making the landmark film 'an interesting journey to go on to learn about that world.'

Op-ed: What the Ruby Rose Obsession Misses About Gender-Fluid Lives

Op-ed: The Ruby Rose Obsession And Gender-Fluidity

The next frontier is nonbinary genders so start getting with it, world.

All-Transgender Modeling Agency is Set to Launch

All-Transgender Modeling Agency Set to Launch

Apple Model Management L.A. is ready to trans-form the modeling industry as the world’s first agency to represent all-transgender models.

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