Fashion designer
Los Angeles // 32

Sure, there are perks to Andrew Christian’s job as a prominent underwear designer. He’s regularly surrounded by hot male models, and bums on six continents bear his name. But hearing from everyday customers is also a satisfying part of the job. “Some guy in Seattle told me, ‘I used to be 300 pounds, but I dropped 120 pounds just so I could fit into your underwear,’ ” Christian says. As a teen, Christian got started in fashion by making his own clothes, as many budding designers do. He was hardly an overnight success, but once he started concentrating on underwear, his career took off. He says he knew his eponymous line of designer undies had reached new heights when a casting call for two models resulted in 150 men showing up to audition, all within a few hours. For Christian, the work is all about helping every man feel confident by looking his best. “Sure, my underwear looks good on guys with perfect bodies, but it also looks good with real people with real bodies,” he says. “I want to help people have a better self-body-image.”

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