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amfARs CEO on Bankrolling A Cure for HIV

amfAR's CEO on Bankrolling a Cure for HIV

As the world marks 30 years of HIV devastating lives, homes, and nations, the CEO of amfAR looks to make sure the virus doesn't reach age 40.

At Google a Transgender Gold Standard

At Google, a Transgender "Gold Standard"

The search engine giant has significantly increased its coverage of transgender health care for its U.S. employees — and other companies are soon expected to follow suit.

Occupy Wall Street Hosts Gay Wedding

Occupy Wall Street Hosts First Gay Wedding

Activists Jonathan Lopez and Ivan Cabrera married in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan Saturday.

Marriage Whats It Worth

Marriage: What's It Worth?

Sometimes it’s more lucrative to stay single.

Some Transgender Protesters Leave Occupy Wall Street Over Safety Concerns

 Some Transgender Protesters Leave Occupy Wall Street Over Safety Concerns

At least 28 LGBT protesters have left Occupy Wall Street over safety concerns.

Google Microsoft Starbucks Say DOMA Hurts Their Businesses

Google, Microsoft, Starbucks Say DOMA Hurts Business

Top U.S. companies including Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks took the unusual step on Thursday of legally documenting their opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Minnesotas Big Businesses Quiet on Marriage Ban

Minnesota's Big Businesses Quiet on Marriage Ban

Minnesota's top companies are keeping mum on where they stand in the gay marriage fight.

Apples Newest Product Gay iCon

 Apple’s Newest Product: Gay iCon?

Apple might have made history, if its CEO chooses to confirm it.

Cop Punches HIV-Positive Wall Street Protester

HIV-Positive Occupy Protester Who Got Punched: "That Cop Should Get Tested"

A police officer was caught on camera assaulting an HIV-positive protester involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement Friday.

Online Security and Protecting Your Identity

Online Security and Protecting Your Identity 

In our always-connected world, hackers have more options that you should know about.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global 

The Occupy Wall Street protest gained more strength today as protesters across the nation attracted media attention while marching in their own cities.

Steve Jobs Visionary of Apple Has Died Share Your Memories

Steve Jobs, Visionary of Apple, Has Died; Share Your Memories

Steve Jobs and his creation, Apple, transcended borders both real and political with the power of invention. So it is no wonder that condolences are coming in from the LGBT community. Share yours here.

Basics of Online and Mobile Banking Whats New and Available

Basics of Online and Mobile Banking: What’s New and Available?

You could be banking right now. These days, there are more ways than you think to avoid a trip to the bank.