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See Why Jane Lynch Is Boycotting Amway

See Why Jane Lynch Is Boycotting Amway

Out actress and comedian Jane Lynch is boycotting Amway in response to the company president's antigay donations.

READ Why a CEO Refuses to Do Business in Antigay Jacksonville

READ: Why a CEO Won't Do Business in Jacksonville

It was in August when the Jacksonville City Council shot down an antidiscrimination ordinance protecting LGBT residents.

Watch the Expedia Commercial That Will Explain Fatherhood and Make You Sob

WATCH: The Expedia Commercial That Will Explain Fatherhood, Make You Sob

The tough moment when a father must decide, does he embrace a new relationship with his daughter who wants to marry another woman, is portrayed beautifully in a new Web advertisement from Expedia.<

Even the Last Oreo in Special Ad Campaign Has a Gay Twist

Even the 100th Oreo Includes a Gay Twist

It turns out that even the final Oreo in its campaign of 100 clever designs includes a gay reference.

The Other Gay Oreos

The Other Gay Oreos

It was a simple idea, but Oreo still made headlines when during Pride month it released a rainbow version.

Will UPS Stop Funding the Boy Scouts for Antigay Policy

Will UPS Stop Funding Boy Scouts Over Antigay Policy?

After Intel announced it they would no longer donate money to the Boy Scouts of America over its antigay policies, activist Zach Wahls has another target: UPS.

Angry Alderman Again Threatens to Stop Chick-fil-A from Expanding to Chicago Neighborhood

Angry Alderman: Dan Cathy, You Can Forget About That Expansion

The Chicago alderman who claims Chick-fil-A executives promised him the company was changing its antigay ways is now demanding an explanation for President Dan Cathy's recent behavior.

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy Assures Mike Huckabee That Nothing Has Changed

Chick-fil-A President Assures Huckabee: Nothing Has Changed

Cathy spoke Huckabee on Friday to assure him that nothing has changed about his restaurant chain's antigay ways.

Intel Ends Donations to Boy Scouts Due to Discriminatory Policies

Intel Ends Donations to Boy Scouts Because of Antigay Policy

The Intel Foundation had been the largest corporate donor for the Boy Scouts.

Gyms Drop The Golds Brand in Response to Donations by CEO

Pro-Gay Gyms Drop Gold's Brand After CEO's Donations

Four San Francisco area Gold’s Gym franchises have officially broken ties with its parent company after its CEO donated money to American Crossroads, an organization founded by Karl Rove and other

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