Jennifer Coolidge: Dinah's Best in Show

Grooming her stand-up comedy act for The Dinah, actress Jennifer Coolidge remembers getting intimate with ladies in the '80s, gay ex-boyfriends, and the day she wanted to blow her brains out in front of Sarah Jessica Parker.




You played a lesbian in Best in Show opposite Jane Lynch, who’s refreshingly been openly gay for ages, but have you had to work with many closeted actors?
Are you kidding? I’ve dated them. I feel like that three or four guys I’ve dated are really gay. Early in my career I had a love scene with a guy who was gay. He was a really handsome guy who wanted to be taken seriously as “the boyfriend,” so I understood why he didn’t want to come out. But I’m really excited that it’s getting to the point where people can come out and there isn’t lot of wrath anymore.

Your Jane Lynch connection aside, you worked with Ryan Murphy on Nip/Tuck. So when are you going to be on Glee?
I know that they may have something in mind. I’m not a singer, though, so I’m sure that could be a deterrent. Ryan’s gave me the best TV job I’ve ever had. My Hot Coco hip-hop video on Nip/Tuck was one of the best things I’ve ever gotten to do.

After that video, “Yo Stank,” aired, the blogosphere blew up with accusations that you and the Nip/Tuck writers had ripped off New York-based comedian-singer Wendy Ho’s video “Bitch, I Stole Yo’ Purse.” Were you aware of that controversy?
Well, it was supposed to be a whole commentary on Wendy Ho. I know all about Wendy Ho. Wendy Ho’s album is called The Gospel According to Ho, and the album in the Hot Coco video was called The Gospel According to Coco, so they had every intention of acknowledging Wendy Ho. They showed me the Wendy Ho video before we did it and said, “Do a funny version of this.” I was like, “I’m not going to be cooler than Wendy Ho, that’s for sure.” Wendy Ho is about as cool as it gets. I’d never seen anything like her.

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