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#TBT: Questionable Entertainment for the Young Male

#TBT: Questionable Entertainment for the Young Male

#TrumpYourCat: Felines Mimic Donald Trump's Iconic Comb-Over in Hilarious Meme

Feline Meme #TrumpYourCat Wins The Internet

Cat lovers are teasing their pets' hair-dos in a joking social media homage to the real estate tycoon's "huh?"-worthy hairstyle.

Caitlyn Jenner: I'm 'Blown Away' by John Oliver's Take on Trans Rights

Caitlyn Jenner 'Blown Away' By This TV Show

The trans reality star also recently asked trans communities in a blog post, 'Am I doing this right?'

Christian Woman Records Herself Losing It Over Marriage Equality, Gets Remixed

WATCH: Internet Remixes That Christian Who Lost It

Christian housewife Becky Wegner Rommel's epic homophobic and Islamophobic video meltdown has not only gone viral, it's inspired a new remix.

Gay Wedding Advice for Gays and Straights

Gay Wedding Advice for Gays and Straights

Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, a few questions must still be answered.

WATCH: What Does Jon Stewart Think of Republican Reaction to Marriage Equality? 'Voldemort Has Risen'

Jon Stewart Compares Antigay Republicans to Voldemort

Not only are a majority of Republicans against marriage equality, as Jon Stewart points out, many think it's the worst thing ever.

WATCH: John Oliver Explains Why Respecting Trans People Just Isn't That Hard
July 01 2015 11:09 AM ET

WATCH John Oliver on Respecting Trans: It Isn't That Hard

Celebrating their 'courage' and then not working to end anti-trans discrimination is wrong, says Oliver.

Judy Garland on Channing Tatum, Rachel Dolezal, Madonna

Judy Garland on Channing Tatum, Rachel Dolezal, Madonna

The gay icon shares her thoughts on some of 2015's least pressing matters.

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