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#TBT: The Gay Mustache
November 06 2014 5:00 AM ET

Movember: The History of Gay Mustache

Christopher Harrity

In honor of Movember, a walk across the hairy upper lip of mustache memories.

WATCH: Colbert Wags His Finger at Apple CEO Tim Cook for Coming Out
November 06 2014 4:00 AM ET

WATCH: Colbert Wags Finger at Tim Cook for Coming Out

Jami Smith

The Colbert Report host chastised Cook for violating corporate tradition by being honest.

9 Tweets That Say What We're All Thinking About Last Night's Election Results
November 05 2014 3:00 PM ET

9 Tweets Saying What We're All Thinking About The Election

Jami Smith

The GOP now has full control of Congress. Maybe a quick laugh will ease the pain.

WATCH: John Oliver Guide To the Craziest Candidates for State Legislature
November 04 2014 11:00 AM ET

WATCH: John Oliver's Guide to Craziest Candidates

Jami Smith

Everyone is focusing on the wrong things, says John Oliver, who somehow makes this hilarious.

WATCH: 'SNL' Offers Diversity Training and It's As Awkward As You'd Imagine
November 03 2014 5:30 AM ET

SNL's Diversity Training: As Awkward As You'd Imagine

Jami Smith

Chris Rock and cast poke fun of SNL's diversity problem and teach you how to deal with those pesky "diverse" people in the workplace.

#TBT: Halloween Do's and Don'ts
October 30 2014 3:00 AM ET

#TBT: Halloween Do's and Don'ts

Christopher Harrity

We know you are excited for this special night, but we beg you, please follow these simple guidelines.

WATCH: Colbert Destroys Dimwit Politician Who Says Gays in the Military Get Massages All Day
October 28 2014 10:30 AM ET

See What Inspired Colbert's Ruthless Takedown of Politician

Jami Smith

Politicians can be pretty dumb, but Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert said something so out there that it inspired this ruthless takedown by Stephen Colbert.

WATCH: Ellen Predicts the World Series With Male Strippers
October 24 2014 11:22 AM ET

WATCH: Ellen Predicts the World Series With Male Strippers

Jami Smith

Even if her method doesn't work, we all win anyway.

#TBT: Halloween Exhibitionism
October 23 2014 3:00 AM ET

Halloween Exhibitionism

Christopher Harrity

You know how we feel about naked Santas ruining childhood dreams. Must you make Halloween slutty too? Here are some examples from the recent past.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Catholic Who Suddenly Wants to Be Friends
October 21 2014 5:00 AM ET

13 Gift Ideas for Newfound Catholic Friends Editors

Leaked by Seth Meyers last week, here is The Advocate's list of gift ideas for our newfound Catholic friends.

WATCH: Teen Dancing Diva Is the Best Internet Meme Ever
October 19 2014 11:03 PM ET

WATCH: Teen Dancing Diva Is Best Internet Meme Ever

Jami Smith

This 15-year-old's confidence is the best thing to happen to the Internet this week. Move over divas. Brendan Jordan is everything.

WATCH: Seth Meyers Spoofs The Advocate's Vatican Coverage
October 16 2014 1:52 PM ET

WATCH: Seth Meyers Spoofs The Advocate's Vatican Coverage

Daniel Reynolds

The late-night talk show host included The Advocate in a roundup of faux reactions to the Vatican's pro-gay letter.

#TBT: Anxiety and the Men's Shower Room
October 16 2014 3:00 AM ET

Anxiety and the Men's Shower Room

Christopher Harrity

Why is the all-male shower scene such a hot button for straight guys?