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#TBT: Halloween Exhibitionism

Halloween Exhibitionism

You know how we feel about naked Santas ruining childhood dreams. Must you make Halloween slutty too? Here are some examples from the recent past.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Catholic Who Suddenly Wants to Be Friends

13 Gift Ideas for Newfound Catholic Friends

Leaked by Seth Meyers last week, here is The Advocate's list of gift ideas for our newfound Catholic friends.

WATCH: Teen Dancing Diva Is the Best Internet Meme Ever

WATCH: Teen Dancing Diva Is Best Internet Meme Ever

This 15-year-old's confidence is the best thing to happen to the Internet this week. Move over divas. Brendan Jordan is everything.

WATCH: Seth Meyers Spoofs The Advocate's Vatican Coverage

WATCH: Seth Meyers Spoofs The Advocate's Vatican Coverage

The late-night talk show host included The Advocate in a roundup of faux reactions to the Vatican's pro-gay letter.

#TBT: Anxiety and the Men's Shower Room

Anxiety and the Men's Shower Room

Why is the all-male shower scene such a hot button for straight guys?

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Has Some Strong Words for 'Pope Fabulous'

WATCH: Stephen Colbert's Strong Words for 'Pope Fabulous'

The fake conservative host is having trouble attacking same-sex marriage now that 'Pope Fabulous The First' has softened his stance on the issue.

WATCH: Stefon Returns to 'SNL' With An Important Update

WATCH: Stefon Returns to 'SNL' With An Important Update

One of SNL's most beloved characters returned and he had some huge news.

Let's Play 'Here's How You're Getting F**ked'

WATCH: A Game Show LGBTs Wish We Didn't Always Win

Here's one game you don't want to win.

Op-ed: What's Your Story?

Op-ed: What's Your Story?

We all have a story to tell, whether we know it or not.

WATCH: Ellen Gets Hilarious Apology From 'Facebook VP' Over Real Name Policy

WATCH: Ellen's Hilarious Apology From 'Facebook VP' Over Real Name Policy

Ever the newshound, Ellen DeGeneres won't let a lack of comment keep her from reporting on what matters to the LGBT community.

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