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Op-ed: Dear Cardinal Raymond Burke, I Am Your Gay Blood

An Open Letter to Antigay Cardinal From Your Gay Relative

Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke's first cousin twice removed is gay. And he has a message for the antigay clergyman.

I Am Jazz Jennings: 14, Transgender, and the Star of My Own Docu-series

I Am Jazz: 14, Trans, and the Star of My Own TLC Series

Transgender teenager Jazz Jennings has a new docu-series, I Am Jazz, airing on TLC.

Conservative Candidate for Missouri Governor Bob Dixon Comes Out As Ex-Gay

The 'Ex-Gay' Candidate for Missouri Governor

Missouri state senator and gubernatorial candidate Bob Dixon says being abused as a child turned him gay for five years.

'Mom, I'm Trans': How Our Coming-Out Experiences Compare to Caitlyn Jenner's

Coming Out Trans, Unlike 'I Am Cait'

When Caitlyn Jenner came face-to-face with her mother for the first time, it brought back memories for many transgender people about their coming-out experiences.

Transgender Teen Barred From High School Volleyball Inspired by Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Inspires Trans Teen Barred From School Team

A male gender marker on her birth certificate and a restrictive law stand in the way of a New Mexico teen's dream.

WATCH: The Lying Texans Who Say Marriage Equality Means Kindergarten Sodomy Lessons

No, Marriage Equality ≠ Mandatory Sodomy Lessons

With the advent of marriage equality, a newly formed right-wing group warns Texans their churches, schools, and businesses will be forced to accept and celebrate 'anal sex.'

Federal Judge Smacks Down Utah's Antigay Adoption Policy

Federal Judge Smacks Down Utah's Antigay Adoption Policy

The landmark Supreme Court marriage equality ruling leads to a legal victory for same-sex parents in Utah.

'19 Kids and Counting' Canceled by TLC

19 Kids and Counting Canceled by TLC

Nearly two months after Josh Duggar admitted to sexually abusing five girls as a teen, TLC has taken its most popular show off the air.

Same-Sex Couples Push for Change to Texas Birth Certificates

Same-Sex Couples Push for Change to Texas Birth Certificates

Texas officials say they are reviewing the Supreme Court ruling for its impact on vital records and a change could come soon.

EXCLUSIVE: New Survey Catalogues LGBT Hopes and Fears

New Survey Catalogues LGBT Hopes and Fears

The Advocate was given a sneak peek at this ongoing survey, which aims to give groups that serve the community a better understanding of its needs.

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