New York City

Critics are attacking the controversial CNN anchorman for showing a word on TV most of us won't even say out loud and The Advocate shows here only in context.

June 23 2015 5:13 PM

The officials who determine which New York City buildings are historic declared the Stonewall Inn a landmark following a public hearing.

June 23 2015 1:59 PM

New York City's Landmarks Preservation Commission is expected to declare the Stonewall Inn a city landmark after public hearings this week.

June 22 2015 12:02 PM

Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem told the two married women they were possessed by demons.

June 16 2015 3:05 PM

John Dunleavy, chairman of New York's St. Patrick's Day parade, says he will try to keep LGBT orgs from participating in the 2016 march up Fifth Avenue.

June 10 2015 8:46 AM

New York City Police are hunting for the deranged man who assaulted a transgender woman and pushed her off a subway platform.

June 04 2015 11:23 AM Updated

Bayna-Lehkiem El-Amin says he had to crack a chair over the men's heads so the altercation wouldn't escalate.

June 03 2015 4:10 PM

The tallest building in the western hemisphere is now open on the site where 2,753 people died, two dozen of them members of the LGBT community.

May 29 2015 7:00 PM

The gay couple who were attacked reveal new details in a TV interview.

May 07 2015 4:04 PM

A graphic YouTube video shows a man bashing a gay couple with a chair.

May 06 2015 4:02 PM