June July 2016
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The Advocate

New York City

Mayor Bill de Blasio's order assures that transgender and gender-nonconforming people will be able to use the facilities matching their gender identity.

March 07 2016 5:15 PM

It's a 'beautiful day,' declared Mayor Bill de Blasio at New York's Irish consulate.

March 04 2016 4:20 PM

Elliot Morales claimed in court that he is bisexual because he slept with a trans woman in the past, and that he killed unarmed gay man Mark Carson in 2013 in self-defense. 

March 03 2016 8:25 PM

The show's correspondent also sat down with the 'sodomites' who plan to buy Harlem's ATLAH World Missionary Church from the bankrupt pastor. 

February 24 2016 2:13 PM

Randy Capehart, also known as Vin Nolan, was in Houston when his boyfriend allegedly killed his dog in a Manhattan park full of children.

February 23 2016 9:19 AM

Mark Carson was enjoying a night out with his friend in New York City's West Village when he was shot in an allegedly homophobic attack.

February 23 2016 8:18 AM

The August game against the San Diego Padres will raise money to strike out bullying against LGBT youth, according to the team.

February 22 2016 9:14 AM