Gay Dems and Republicans Can Find Common Ground in Obama

COMMENTARY: According to polls, George W. Bush received around 25% of the gay vote in 2000 and 2004 in spite of his abandoning a promise to be a compassionate conservative. Now the Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed a McCain-Palin ticket, and while this endorsement is essential to LCR's remaining politically relevant within the GOP, the gay community should not follow Log Cabin's lead -- and instead should fervently and actively support Barack Obama.



Most of our movement’s great legal minds will agree that if marriage equality were to be decided by the current Supreme Court today, we would lose by a 5-4 vote of the justices. It is also widely assumed that the next justices to leave the court would likely be John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who would likely vote in favor of marriage equality.

That means if McCain is president and able to replace two pro-equality justices, we will likely find ourselves with a 7-2 vote against marriage equality. That deficit would be devastating and take decades to overcome.

Conversely, Barack Obama has the best platform on our issues of any presidential candidate in history. He supports everything that McCain opposes with the exception of full marriage equality.

So, on one hand, we can choose someone who is not only an ally but has expressed his support in the most unlikely of places: the African-American church. Or we can choose someone who not only will do nothing to advance our movement but has chosen a running mate who promises to "tolerate" us, since she believes our sexuality is a lifestyle choice.

There are stark differences between these two candidates. This is not like the previous two presidential elections, in which the Democratic nominees fell far short on our issues. Much progress has been made since then, and Obama’s message of change and his ability to transcend traditional political expectations gives me a sense of hope that we may finally see the progress that has so far escaped us.

While our community will always be split among more than one political party, this election provides us with sufficient reason to come together behind one candidate. That candidate is Barack Obama.



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