Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Fluid and Bi-Identified Artists

1.Amanda Robertson Hebert 1x633 0

Bisexual artists are underrepresented in the cultural landscape, so the organizers of an international photography exhibit will feature their work during WorldPride this summer.

From June 5 to July 2 in Toronto, "Fluid" is intended as more than an art exhibition, with the gallery serving as a hub for workshops, poetry readings, artist talks and more. A Kickstarter campaign, ending May 7, aims to raise $4,000 to make it happen. You can check it out here

Click through for more artwork from "Fluid" >>>

2.Amanda Robertson Hebert 2x633 0

Amanda Robertson-Hebert

3.Kati Holland 1x633 0

Kati Holland

4.Kati Holland 2x633 0

Kati Holland


5.Catherine Jones 1x633 0

Catherine Jones

6.Melissa Wilkinson 1x633 0

Melissa Wilkinson

7.Melissa Wilkinson 2x633 0

Melissa Wilkinson

8.Michael Mills 1x633 0

Michael Mills

9.Michael Mills 2x633 0

Michael Mills

10.Shannon Lillyx633 0

Shannon Lilly

11.Shannon Lilly 2x633 0

Shannon Lilly


12.Jennix633 0


13.AllicetteTorres 1x633 0

Allicette Torres

14.AllicetteTorres 2x633 0

Allicette Torres

15.Kristy Boyce 1x633 0

Kristy Boyce

16.Kristy Boyce 2x633 0

Kristy Boyce

17.Sarah Thomson 2x633 0

Sarah Thomson

For more information watch the video below.