Antigay Watch List: The Worst Who Want Your Vote

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a truly scary list of antigay politicians to watch on Election Day?



Tom McClintock, U.S. House of Representatives, California, fourth district
When California recalled Gov. Gray Davis from office in 2004 and had to choose a replacement, Tom McClintock, then a state senator, was the pick of right-wing true believers who thought the eventual winner, movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican in name only. Elected to Congress in 2008 and now running for a third term, McClintock still takes an interest in state legislation; on his campaign website he has promoted the effort to repeal a California law mandating the inclusion of LGBT people and accomplishments in public school curricula. The law, he said, represents “a gross overreach by the state Legislature to usurp the parental rights of Californians” and “exposes young children to curriculums and textbooks promoting objectionable lifestyles.” So far, however, the repeal effort has failed.

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