Op-ed: My Penultimate Trip to the Supreme Court Was Unforgettable

Op-ed: My Unforgettable Trip to the High Court

Activist Lane Hudson camped out to see the historic Supreme Court hearing firsthand. He tells what it felt like to witness history up close.

Antigay Oregon Bakers Face Possible Six-Figure Fine

Antigay Oregon Bakers Face Possible Six-Figure Fine

While the fine isn't final yet, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa are already raising funds to cover it — but GoFundMe won't host their campaign.

LISTEN: Baltimore Uprising? It's LGBT Folks' Fault, Says Texas Congressman

LISTEN: Texas Rep. Blames Baltimore Uprising on LGBTs

In Rep. Bill Flores's tortured logic, same-sex marriages lead to family breakdown, which leads to situations like that seen in Baltimore this week.

WATCH: Josh Duggar Plays the Victim Card

Josh Duggar Thinks Gay Haters Are Victims

The "19 Kids and Counting" heir and anti-gay group mouthpiece says not allowing Christians to discriminate is "discriminating against people based on their religious convictions." What?!

Ted Cruz's Imperfect Record

WATCH: Dissecting the Supreme Court's Top Marriage Arguments

WATCH: Dissecting the Top Marriage Arguments

Court-watchers suggest that oral argument in the landmark marriage equality cases went well — but don't count your victories just yet.

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