Draft Republican Platform Ratchets Up Defense of Marriage
August 21 2012 9:54 AM ET

Draft Republican Platform Ratchets Up 'Defense of Marriage'

Julie Bolcer

Platform language advancing in Tampa reaffirms the party’s support for a federal constitutional amendment and blasts the “open defiance” of the Obama administration against DOMA.

Tea Party Shows Least Support for Marriage
August 20 2012 6:52 PM ET

Tea Party Overwhelmingly Opposes Marriage Equality

Camille Beredjick

A poll from The Washington Post shows the Tea Party is the least likely political group to support marriage equality.

Minnesota Dems Turn Against Male Lawmaker Who Hooked Up With 17 Year Old Boy
August 20 2012 6:16 PM ET

Minnesota Dems Turn on Lawmaker Who Hooked Up With Teen

Neal Broverman

Minnesota legislator Kerry Gauthier endangered his party's chances of regaining control of the state House after news broke that he had hooked up with a 17-year-old boy.

GOP Candidate Affirms Antigay Christian Values in Newspaper Ad
August 20 2012 2:57 PM ET

Rep. Candidate Affirms Antigay, 'Christian Values' in Newspaper Ad

Lauren Jow

A Republican state representative candidate in Arkansas took an antigay, pro-life stance, citing her “Christian values” in an advertisement published last week in The Yell County Record.

Log Cabin Source: Republican Platform Will Affirm DOMA, Federal Marriage Amendment
August 20 2012 2:20 PM ET

Source: GOP Platform Will Affirm DOMA, Marriage Amendment

Julie Bolcer

This year’s document will continue to express support for the Defense of Marriage Act and a federal constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage, according to a Log Cabin Republicans official involved with the drafting process.

DADT Repeal Opponent Sparks Controversy With “Legitimate Rape” Comments
August 20 2012 10:34 AM ET

'Legitimate Rape'? DADT Backer Sparks Uproar With Comment

Julie Bolcer

Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, who has continued to fight the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, said that he opposes abortion in all instances because “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy.

Former Events Manager of The Advocate and Out Dies
August 20 2012 1:09 AM ET

Former Events Manager of The Advocate and Out Dies

Advocate.com Editors

Chip Stevenson, a longtime employee of The Advocate, Out, and The Out Traveler, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Wednesday.

Vatican Supports Homophobia of French Bishops
August 17 2012 6:56 PM ET

Vatican Supports Homophobia of French Bishops

Neal Broverman

The Vatican declared its support for a day of prayer against marriage equality organized by bishops in the French Catholic Church.

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