What Are We Thankful For?

The news and culture that defines 2013 leaves a lot to be grateful for.



The Summer of Lesbian TV
Nearly 10 years after The L Word permanently altered the landscape for lesbians on television, the Great Big Lesbian Summer of Love of 2013 (as I’ve dubbed it) offered the most diverse array of lesbian and bisexual women on the small screen to date. Well-rounded, thoughtful, witty, and sexy queer female characters popped up on networks across the spectrum, including CBS, AMC, ABC Family, HBO, Syfy, BBC America, and the groundbreaking Netflix (which is technically not a network, but I don’t know what to call it). From executive producer Jennifer Lopez’s The Fosters, about lesbian moms raising biological, adopted, and foster kids on a series with so much heart to Orange Is the New Black, Netflix’s summer darling of a prison show with sapphic tendencies, gay ladies have never been better represented on television. I am thankful to TV for helping to illustrate myriad of queer women out there, because every person randomly flipping channels this summer was bound to run into and become invested in some lesbian character’s storyline — and that’s progress. —Tracy Gilchrist