Meet The LGBT Allies Headed to Sochi

There aren't a ton of out LGBT athletes heading to Sochi (far from it), but many allies have made their displeasure with Russia's antigay laws heard.



Kikkan Randall, cross-country ski, USA
Randall said boycotting the games would not have been a good idea, but told that she does not support Russia's laws or the ideals behind them. “With several family members in the LGBT community, this issue is particularly important to me as I am concerned about their safety to attend the Games to watch me compete. I feel strongly that discrimination of any kind does not belong in sport. I have always thought of the Olympics as an arena and event where politics have no place. Therefore, I am saddened and disappointed that Russia, a host of the upcoming Olympic Games, is bringing their politics into the spotlight [and that they are being allowed to] by threatening to impress their political views on the participants and spectators of the Games.”

Carey Price, hockey, Canada
Price, who plays for the Montreal Canadiens, is a member of the You Can Play project.


Rick Nash, hockey, Canada
Nash, who plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets, is also a member of the You Can Play project.


Rosanna Crawford, biathlon, Canada
Crawford was one of the several dozen athletes who signed a letter urging the IOC to ensure that LGBT athletes and spectators will be protected from discrimination at the games by updating Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter.