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Prick: The Notorious Henry Hate

Prick: The Notorious Henry Hate

The fine artist and tattooist to the stars, Henry Hate started out life in Southern California's Orange County, under strict religious family values. Hate's homosexuality clashed decisively with his upbringing, and after leaving the Army he sought refuge in Queercore: the vibrant and unabashed gay punk scene.

Jake Narang of Vile Films shows the gritty and fabulous story of Henry Hate in a new mini-documentary on Dazed Digital calledĀ Prick.

Hate now runs Prick Tattoo in London, achieving notoriety through his tattoos with high-profile clients, including the late Amy Winehouse and Alexander McQueen. Rumor has it that McQueen would send his to-be-dumped boyfriends to get tattooed by Hate just before they got the axe.

Watch the full documentary below, and page through to see some of Hate's great work. Click here for more information on the film, and here for Henry Hate's website.

See Henry Hate's work on the following pages... >>>

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