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Deneuve and Bardot Roasted by Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon

Deneuve and Bardot Roasted by Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live poked fun at a recent open letter, signed by over 100 prominent French women, denouncing the #MeToo movement and saying that it goes too far. Famous actresses Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot were signers, and Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon, played them to a T, respectively.

“Free Harvey Weinstein,” McKinnon-as-Bardot said as she smoked a cigarette. In later banter, Bardot poses a question: “Why does a woman have a breast? It is for a man to grab and pull…A drawer has a knob. A woman has two knobs.”

Deneuve repeatedly attempts to revise McKinnon’s comments, declaring at the end of the skit that “Brigitte is very old and very wrong.” In reality, Deneuve has not been reserved in her comments about the movement designed to liberate women and men from their abusers. “I don’t think it is the right method to change things, it is excessive,” she said last year.

Bardot is no stranger to controversy, either. In fact, Bardot has been convicted five times of inciting racial hatred. Bardot has repeatedly made harsh comments against Muslims in France; Bardot said Muslims were “destroying our country.”

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