Michaylah Kimbler

With a hostile legislature trying to erase queer youth, successful alumni spring into action.

February 14 2018 7:02 PM

A young Dem just snagged a legislative seat from a long-entrenched Republican.

February 07 2018 2:32 PM

When a regular old doll won't do, there's "My Little Step Children."

February 07 2018 2:29 PM

The French actresses were mocked on Saturday Night Live for their reaction to the #MeToo movement.

February 05 2018 4:07 PM

LGBT people have always existed, though society has long tried to hide that fact. It's time we reclaimed our history.

January 31 2018 5:04 AM

Octavia Spencer was near tears describing how her friend, Jessica Chastain, worked to ensure pay parity for the two actresses.

January 26 2018 6:49 PM

Sam Brinton details the horror they went through, including being forced to watch gay sex while being bound and subjected to pain via heat, ice, and electricity.

January 24 2018 7:05 PM