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Eighth Victim of Toronto's Gay Serial Killer Identified

The victim's family had not reported him missing because they believed he was in hiding.

Former Miss America Weds Girlfriend in Museum Ceremony

The weekend ceremony was attended by 200 guests and saw the bride's 8-year-old son serve as best man.

Roseanne's Penchant for Lying in the Name of Trump

Roseanne Barr stretches the truth to justify her support for a reprehensible president.

Trump's Stubby Thumbs Are on Fire, Sings Randy Rainbow

The comedian has a new takedown of Trump's tweets; one that John Travolta would most certainly approve.

Trans High Schooler Prevails Over Discriminatory Principal

Kami Pham was told she could not wear clothes that correspond with her gender identity. 

Why People Are Upset Craigslist Shut Down The Personals Page

The deletion comes after legislation advanced on a sex trafficking law, but some see a dangerous downside.

Is It Still Okay to Go to Coachella?

A donation from the festival's owner to Elton John's AIDS charity follows years of funding for anti-LGBT groups.

Proposition Targets Trans People in Alaska's Largest City

Conservatives are stirring up transphobia to pass an ugly, useless proposition.

Parkland Survivors Present Unified Front in Stirring '60 Minutes' Sit-Down

Five high-profile students, including bisexual Emma Gonzalez, appeared on 60 Minutes to discuss their mission to change America.

Why a 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Meant the World to Me

The departure of "Arizona" has left some fans bereft, especially the LGBTQ people she helped inspire. 

Texas Teacher Placed on Leave After Making Plea for LGBT Inclusion

Art teacher Stacy Bailey attempted to start a dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity in her school district. Her bosses weren't pleased.

McDonald's Half-Hearted Attempt to Support Women

The corporation received attention for its Women's Day promotion, but will it make any real impact?

Fighting Discrimination No Longer a Mission of Ben Carson's HUD

The Housing and Urban Development department -- headed by homophobe Ben Carson -- removed key points of its misson statement.

With Hillary Clinton Joke, Rudy Giuliani Sinks Even Lower

The disgraced former mayor recently spoke at a Trump fundraiser in Mar-a-Lago, unnecessarily insulting the first female presidential nominee in the process.

Rachel Maddow Gushes About Her NYT Crossword

"I'm a childless, middle-aged, potbellied lesbian, and I don't have that much to be excited about in my life,." Maddow said.

'Love, Simon' Stans Shawn Mendes, But the Feeling's Not Necessarily Mutual

A promotional tweet for the forthcoming teen film goes awry.


Gus Kenworthy's Advice for YouTube on Hate Speech

The Olympian shared hateful YouTube comments about himself, prompting officials with the platform to apologize. But they could do more, Kenworthy says.

16 Jaw-Droppingly Stupid Quotes Trump Spewed at CPAC

A calvalcade of dumb.

Daily Mail Defiant After Backlash Over Tom Daley Hit Piece

The tabloid said those who objected to their homophobic, transphobic article were "political zealots."

After Tennessee Defunds University LGBT Center, Alumni Step Forward

With a hostile legislature trying to erase queer youth, successful alumni spring into action.