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Cara Delevingne’s Vagina Tunnel Is on Display

Cara Delevinge gives Architectural Digest a tour
Architectural Digest YouTube

The out supermodel invites Architectural Digest to enter her sugar walls... literally.

Cara Delevingne's Los Angeles home was recently featured by Architectural Digest and it truly must be seen to be believed. The pansexual, gender-fluid model and actress gave a tour of what she calls her "adult playhouse" and it lives up to that billing in every sense, blending sophistication with playfulness and tons of sex appeal.

Also, there is a vagina tunnel. Yes, a vagina tunnel.

From the outside, it looks like a stunning L.A. home; however, once you go beyond its blue double doors, it's revealed to be a wonderland of designer furnishings, musical instruments, and a celebration of the vulva. Each room has its own theme: there's a ball pit, a David Bowie-inspired bathroom, and a pink carpet-lined nook (complete with mirrored ceiling, swing, and stripper pole) which Delevigne refers to as her "pink pussy palace." And tucked away behind a false wall (one of many) is the aforementioned vagina tunnel.

Created with the help of her architect Nicolo Bini, the vagina tunnel is exactly what it sounds like: an anatomically correct passageway that connects to another room. "[Bini] made all of my mad crazy ideas -- which, you know, some things I thought he would say no or we can't do that or that's kind of crazy -- but he made them come to life," said Delevigne. "If I was Alice in Wonderland, he'd be my Mad Hatter."

Cara Delevingne\u2019s Vagina Tunnel

As for the tunnel's purpose, Delevigne says it's a great venue for contemplation. "I come in here to think, I come in here to create, I come in here to feel inspired in the vagina tunnel," she explained. Delevigne then proceeded to disappear down the tunnel. "I'm going to show you where this lovely labia leads -- see you there!" When the camera catches up to her, she's emerging out of a pink washing machine and declares herself "rebirthed and cleansed."

Cara Delevingne\u2019s Vagina Tunnel

While the residence is an unconventional if beautiful one, Delevigne shared that it still feels like home to her. "There's a proper dining room and living room and a great kitchen. But it's also a kind of journey. The deeper in you go, the more treasures you discover," she said.

Watch the full tour below.

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