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GLAAD Previews Finale of Ben Whishaw's This Is Going to Hurt

GLAAD Previews Finale of Ben Whishaw's This Is Going to Hurt

Ben Whishaw from This Is Going to Hurt

The queer show's finale airs today on AMC+.

The final episode of AMC+ medical comedy-drama, This Is Going to Hurt premiered today Thursday, July 14th. The show is a film adaptation of a memoir, written by former doctor, Adam Kay.

Out British actor Ben Whishaw, from the 007 and Paddington franchises, portrays Kay in the show, and alongside him is, Ambika Mod, who plays Shruti Acharya, and Vampire Academy's Rory Fleck Bryne, who stars as Harry Muir.

Having already aired in the U.K. in February and March, the show made its way to the U.S. on June 2nd. The weekly episodes depict Adam Kay's harrowing experiences and exhaustion as a junior doctor working in obstetrics and gynecology while capturing his stress as he struggles to find a work-life balance with his boyfriend, Harry.

An exclusive sneak peek of the finale episode was released on GLAAD's Instagram. After moving a patient from his private, poorly funded hospital to the National Health Service, Adam has a pending tribunal over his alleged medical malpractice. Unsure of whether he will be able to return to medicine he tries to reconnect with Harry, whose relationship has been on the rocks. The teaser gives a short look into their conversation over a bottle of champagne after ditching a wedding.

Though the show is sprinkled with dark humor, its themes convey the challenges doctors face while working in the National Health Service. Last week, the sixth episode left viewers heartbroken over the loss of the character Shruti whose death reflected how, oftentimes, signs of mental illnesses are masked by the determination that is needed when dealing with life-or-death situations in the workplace.

Back in February, Whishaw shared his thoughts regarding the representation of doctors in the show with WhattoWatch.

"I think it's so easy to forget that the people who are going to treat you, and save your life, are human too, and fallible," he said. "Somehow when you're vulnerable and you're in hospital, you think the doctors are godlike or something -- it sounds such an obvious thing to say, but I think it has just reminded me of the vulnerability and fallibility of the humans doing these extraordinarily difficult jobs."

To see how the show ends, tune into AMC+ today.

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