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In the Galleries: Scott G. Brooks

In the Galleries: Scott G. Brooks


Brooks's painting are lush and erotic, but tinged with acerbic sociopolitical hues.

"Phantasmagorical" is a word that gets too easily bandied about these days, especially in the graphic novel world and within geekdom at large, but Scott G. Brooks's meticulous paintings deserve the label. Their bizarre invented creatures, with disturbing sexuality, make up his new exhibit "Inappropriate Nature."

"As a gay man, I have been labeled by many as 'inappropriate' my entire life," said Brooks in his comments on the exhibit. "By default my work has also been suspect. I learned long ago that I couldn't control this, and instead embraced the fact that I, and my work, didn't always fit in. Because of this I have never felt the need to create work that was mainstream or aligned with any preconceived notions of what art is. While I strive for beauty in the execution of the work, the subjects and themes reflect ideas and 'nature' that may not be aesthetically pleasing to some."

Originally from Flint, Michigan, Brooks attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and currently lives with his partner in Washington, D.C. His subject matter ranges from portraiture to intricate narratives. War, sex, and the abuse of the natural world repeat as themes in "Inappropriate Nature," with a sense of absurdity suggesting Sir John Tenniel's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and Daumier's political cartoons.

In addition to exhibiting in galleries, Brooks has illustrated several children's books and a number of covers for D.C.'s Metro Weekly.

"Inappropriate Nature"
Last Rites Gallery
February 21 through April 4
325 W. 38th St., #1, NYC 10018

Follow Brooks on Facebook here.

The-perfect-shadex633_0The Perfect Shade

Trimming_the_hedgex633_0Trimming the Hedge
oil, 36" x 36"

Brooks_admit-onex633_0Admit One
oil, 24" x 24"

Monsters-of-warx633_0Monsters of War
oil, 40" x 40"

Strategic-negotiationsx633_0Strategic Negotiations
oil, 30" x 40"

The-wounded-sparrowx633_0 The Wounded Sparrow
oil, 30" x 40"

mixed media drawing on paper, 11" x 16"

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