E.G. Daily, former disco diva, rereleases new album

Former disco singer E.G. Daily, primarily known for her back-to-back club hits “Say It, Say It” and “Love in the Shadows” in the ’80s, tells TV Guide Online that her Web site (egdaily.com) got more orders than it could handle for her album Tearing Down the Walls, so she will be rereleasing it commercially this month. The rerelease will have a 2001 remix of “Love in the Shadows,” a song that took on a life of its own as a gay anthem during its original outing. Daily herself has no idea why the album is suddenly proving to be so popular. “It got out of control—people in places I’ve never heard of were ordering it. But my heart was in the right place [in making the album], and I think they get that.”

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