Real World's Renzi skips out on St. Louis police raid

Gay Real World: Miami graduate Dan Renzi is back in the limelight, this time in St. Louis, where he was appearing in the nudity-infused gay stage play Making Porn when the local police raided the joint. St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Deb Peterson reported Wednesday that "St. Louis undercover police raided the Spot nightclub on Saturday [March 12] during a performance of the play...which has been performed across the country without incident for more than a decade."

Police shut down the play and, Renzi told, arrested the club's manager, who was released with a summons to appear in court. "It's a comedy," Renzi told Peterson, on his way out of town with the show's other five cast members, whose next gig is in Baltimore. "We got in and out of Texas without a murmur!"

When the raid happened, Renzi told, he fled out the back door of the club while busy pulling on his pants at the same time: "St Louis is actually a cool city...except for the fact that they don't like onstage nudity," he said. Beyond that, he declined to elaborate. "I'm so sick of this situation already I'd rather not [say anything more]." Renzi is currently appearing on MTV's The Inferno II, a physical-challenge team competition that was taped in January.

The Inferno II was created by out TV producer Jonathan Murray, one of the original creators of The Real World.

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