Right-Wing Group Has Its Own Version of Titanic

Right-Wing Group Has Its Own Version of Titanic

 The release of Titanic 3-D appears to have given one antigay group an idea — gay people are like an iceberg trying to drown Americans.

In a "film" by a group called Truth in Action Ministries and posted online by Right Wing Watch, a computer-generated iceberg threatens the Titanic. But the people in the video don't see an iceberg. They see the "radical homosexual agenda."

It's actually a "moral iceberg we need to steer clear of."

But it's too late. "The moral iceberg is ripping a hole in the structure of America," a host warns, "and we're taking on water."

"We've already hit the iceberg" a voiceover says dramatically and "the ship is going down." Suddenly "we're taking on water" and "the only question is whether we're going to be able to survive."

Spoiler alert: We assume this would mean that in their version of the hit 1997 movie, Rose would survive but Jack is drowned by the homosexual agenda.

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