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In the Arts & Entertainment section, The Advocate brings readers all the latest news on Hollywood, Broadway, and beyond. From New York to Los Angeles, The Advocate shines a spotlight on the stars of the screen who are lending their voices to support the LGBT community, as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are moving the cultural needle. Discover A-list interviews, the best gay movies and reviews of theater, music, books and television. Learn how Arts & Entertainment can shape national dialogue and can work to advance equality.

Rock Hudson 'gay confession' recording made by wife featured in new book 'The Fixer'

The recording was made surreptitiously by his wife, Phyllis Gates, according to the book by Josh Young and Manfred Westphal.

Karla Sofía Gascón is ​the first transgender woman to win Best Actress at Cannes

Gascón's historic victory can't be spoiled — not even after being attacked online by a right-wing French politician.

10 LGBTQ+ films to watch this Memorial Day weekend

We've seen some stellar queer films this year already. Here are 10 you should check out this weekend.

A writer claimed he wasn't hired for being a straight, white man. One studio's response was brutal

Shocking: the straight, white man is not automatically the best person for a job.

Grammy-winner Shelby Lynne's 'Over and Over' is a smoky, searing ode to past love

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of her breakthrough album, I Am Shelby Lynne, the out artist has dropped the single 'Over and Over," about the pervasive memory of past love.

Trump campaign outraged over queer Apprentice film, calling it ‘garbage’ and ‘pure fiction’

The notoriously thin-skinned former president’s campaign said that Trump would sue.

Jon Lovett of Pod Save America is a contestant on Survivor’s upcoming 47th season

Out media personality Jon Lovett who was once Obama's speechwriter appeared in a teaser ad for the next season of the Emmy-winning reality competition show.

Stream on Advocate Channel: Marti Cummings reigns supreme in ‘Queen of New York’ doc

Step into the fantastical realm of NYC politics as drag queen Marti Cummings, the regal subject of the documentary Queen of New York, fearlessly challenges conventions to try to become both the city's first drag queen and nonbinary council member.

Watch Randy Rainbow channel Dolly Parton to lampoon Trump in 'Forty-Five!'

Rainbow's parody of "9 to 5" takes down this "slimy little cretin" and his minions.

Amber Rose, 'Slut Walk' organizer, turns away from feminism and endorses Donald Trump

Rose posted a photo of herself, Trump, and former First Lady Melania Trump at a fundraising event with the caption "Trump 2024."

'The Voice' crowns first out LGBTQ+ winner Asher HaVon

"I am so proud to be a part of that community," HaVon said after securing his season 25 victory.

10 emotional scenes from X-Men '97 that hit hard

The first season of X-Men '97 gave all the feels. Here are some of the best emotional scenes from the first season!

Cate Blanchett program announces first 11 women, trans, and nonbinary filmmakers to support

Each will receive $50,000 to help them make a short film that will serve as "proof of concept" for a larger project.

Richard Gadd talks about the success and impact of 'Baby Reindeer' (exclusive)

The out creator of the acclaimed series opens up about the impact the show has had and if a season 2 is on the horizon.

Cate Blanchett on bringing in more women, trans, and nonbinary filmmakers

She's doing her bit for inclusion, but she wonders why it's only women who are asked to do this.

Hannah Einbinder and Christina Hendricks shade gay Republicans in iconic 'Hacks' scene

"If she’s queer, she must be on the right side of things," Einbinder recently said of her character Ava's brief season 3 love interest.

Lily Gladstone & Quinn Shephard on Under the Bridge's intersections, queer relationship

Under the Bridge's queer creator Quinn Shephard and Lily Gladstone chat with The Advocate about the intersections of Gladstone's queer Indigenous character and her past with Riley Keough's Rebecca.

Tamara Podemski is on a hero's journey in 'Outer Range' season 2

Prime Video's neo-Western series, starring Josh Brolin, digs deeper into the story of its gay Native American sheriff.

Bright Light Bright Light's new music is pure queer joy

How a cat helped the Welsh dance-pop star's mental health — and return with his most joyful album yet.