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Liza Minnelli Defends Her 'Best Friend,' Halston, in New Documentary

The legend refuses to dish dirt on the late fashion designer Halston.

A new documentary from fashion filmmaker Frederic Tcheng and CNN Films profiles the high life and tragic fall of gay fashion designer Halston. His loose, liberating designs for women and his flair for traveling with an entourage of models known as the Halstonettes made him famous. A staple in the Studio 54 scene, his admirers included Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, and Liza Minnelli.

This clip focuses on the breaking-point moment when Halston was losing control of his company and turning to drugs. When asked to comment on this tumultuous time in their friendship, Liza rebuffed the questioner, saying, "It's very hard to do an interview about your best friend. Especially if what's popular in that day and age time is digging a little. I don't like it. I hated it when they did it to my mother or my father or myself. And I won't do it to Halston, I just won't."

Halston opens in theaters May 31.

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