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A Gay Man Opens Up About His Sexual Assault in One Taxi Ride

A Gay Man Opens Up About His Sexual Assault in 'One Taxi Ride'

In the new documentary, a young gay Mexican man tells his story for the first time. 

In the U.S., one in 10 rape victims are male. But in Mexico, there are no known statistics for adult male survivors of sexual assault. In a culture of machismo, any discussion about the sexual assault and rape of men is taboo. Countless men suffer in silence. But Erick, a young gay Mexican man, has shared his story in the new documentary One Taxi Ride.

The observational feature-length documentary by filmmaker Mak CK tracks Erick's journey as a gay male rape survivor. On the night of Erick's 17th birthday, he got into a taxi to go home, and the driver and two accomplices sexually assaulted him. The film shows how his silent suffering crippled his relationships and gave rise to smothering anger. He desperately needed a catharsis that came when he shared his truth.

This clip shows the moment he begins to tell his story to his boyfriend for the first time.

One Taxi Ride premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico, the most prominent film fest in Latin America. It will play in the Hola Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles June 1 and 2.

Watch the trailer and sign the film's petition in support of male survivors of sexual assault.

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