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Chef Deborah VanTrece on Being a Black Lesbian Creating New Soul Food

The chef behind Twisted Soul also shares what comes next -- and a favorite recipe.

How Out Chef Andy Baraghani Seeks to Pique Your Culinary Curiosity

With his new book, The Cook You Want to Be: Everyday Recipes to Impress, this gay Iranian-Amercian chef hopes to tantalize tastebuds with international flavors.

Fast Foodies Chef Kristen Kish on Reimagining Drive-Through Classics

The queer chef and star of the addicting series chats with The Advocate about Arby's, the restaurant business, and elevating Mickey D's fish sandwich.

How Chef Michael Twitty Unites His Black & Jewish Heritage With Food

The inspiring chef brings his whole self to books like the forthcoming Kosher Soul, and shares a favorite recipe.

Farewell to Jan Morris, Groundbreaking Trans Explorer of Realms

The trans pioneer was the first journalist to climb Mount Everest.

The Amazing Race's Gay Winners and Their Adventurous Life Together

In our cover story, The Amazing Race's winners talk about their strategy, their wedding plans, and their dreams of traveling -- with fans.

Disabled LGBTQ+ Creatives Imagine a Better Tomorrow

The Ford and Mellon Foundations invest in queer disabled cultural creatives.

Naomi Wolf, Outrage, and the Terrors of LGBTQ+ Censorship

The author of The Beauty Myth on the controversy around her latest book, the LGBTQ+ activism of her family, and how being censored is a kind of death.

Yes, You Can Travel Safely

LGBTQ+ travel experts know you're itching to get out in the world again. Here's what to do, and not do, on your next adventure.

This Florida Man Transformed LGBTQ Travel Forever

Now he faces his biggest challenge.

How Stefan Alexander Survived Chronic Pain to Return to Music

The queer musician, who just released his EP Cry Again, recounted how his experience fighting an illness ended up being a "gift."

Disabled LGBTQ Activists Are Redefining Sex and Sexuality

Three LGBTQ people are leading a revolution in how we think about disability and sexual freedom. 

Africa's Notorious 'Richest Woman' Has a Gay Fashion Designer Brother

Renaissance man Coreon Du responds to allegations his wealthy sister stole from the Angolan people.  

Writer Jeanette Winterson Gives a Queer Angle to ‘Frankenstein’

In her new novel, Jeanette Winterson resurrects Frankenstein as a meditation on gender, sexuality, and what it means to be human in the 21st century.

The Best LGBTQ Graphic Novels of 2019

So many good books, but these are the ones that you should not miss.

This Gay Designer Weaves His Heritage, Nonbinary Style Into His Work

Angolan designer Coreon Du continues to be on the cutting edge of fashion with his Body Shameless collection.

From 'Dark Shadows' to 'Sodomites,' This Comic Knows His Audience

Justin Sayre's career as a writer and performer encapsulates gay culture.