Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Trans filmmaker Silas Howard went from Transparent to directing Jim Parsons, Claire Danes, and Octavia Spencer.

November 22 2017 6:44 AM

A new study shows that gay porn is even driving how straight guys see themselves — and that’s a good thing.

September 18 2017 5:15 AM

Meet rock’s next big thing: middle-aged but still nerdy trans girl Cait Brennan.

September 08 2017 5:16 AM

Reality star Karamo Brown says it’s time to “take the pen out of Hollywood’s hands.”

September 06 2017 5:14 AM

Help The Advocate document the hate targeting our community.

August 01 2017 5:50 PM

Behind the doxxing of Sophie Labelle.

July 20 2017 5:03 AM

MCC’s interim leader is a Cajun lesbian with a surprisingly modern family.

July 13 2017 5:03 AM