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How Astronomer Frank Kameny Fought Antigay Bias in 'Lavender Scare'

PBS's The Lavender Scare shines a light on the federal government's oppression of LGBTQ people in the workplace throughout history. 

Why 'Adam' Is a Dangerous Film for Trans People

Art is supposed to make the comfortable uncomfortable, not target marginalized groups, writes Leo Allanach.

New Film 'Content' Explores Consent Between Queer Men in Modeling

The film that recently premiered at Outfest touches on the too rarely explored topic of consent among some circles of queer men. 

Gay Vietnamese-American Ballet Dancer John Lam Out to Inspire Others

John Lam, who appears in a new short film and a documentary, wants to motivate young people to pursue their goals despite cultural taboos.

Amber Benson on Queer Rep and the 'Buffy' Reboot at Outfest

At a screening of the documentary Queering the Script at Outfest, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star spoke about being one of the first to play queer on TV. 

Isabella Gomez on Queer Rep and One Day at a Time's Renewal at Outfest

At a screening of Queering the Script, the actress who plays a Latinx lesbian character on the beloved series shared what it was like to watch fans save ODAAT

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Features Marvel's First Openly Trans Actor

Actor Zach Barack chats with The Advocate about his history-making turn in the Marvel Universe. 

J. Lo, Constance Wu, Cardi B Are Pole-Dancing Robin Hoods in Hustlers

Based on a true story, Hustlers costars Lili Reinhart, Trace Lysette, and Keke Palmer in the upcoming movie where strippers get revenge on wealthy Wall Street big shots. 

Justin Utley Belts Uplifting Song to Survivors of Conversion Therapy

The song is personal for out performer Utley, who endured two years of conversion therapy. 

Trans, Female, Undocumented and Making Their Way in the South

Entre Nosotras, a new documentary, highlights trans immigrants in North Carolina after the passage of the state's "bathroom bill."

Lesbian Love Triangle Featured in New Film 'The Sympathy Card'

A married lesbian couple searches for one partner's next love interest following a cancer diagnosis. 

'Before Stonewall' Tells the Story of an Underground Queer Movement

The ahead-of-its-time 1985 doc that features interviews with queer activists like Ann Bannon, Harry Hay, Audre Lorde, and Frank Kameny gets a Pride Month re-release.

David Hockney Paints His Male Muse in Landmark Queer Nonfiction Movie

The restored 1974 narrative non-fiction movie A Bigger Splash that follows Hockney, his art, and friend circle over the course of three years is being rereleased. 

Gay Son Takes His Proud Dad to L.A. Pride

Why can't everyone's father be like this?

Matt Bomer Struggles to Move On From His Ex in 'Papi Chulo'

Matt Bomer and Alejandro Patiño star in this feature film about new starts and unlikely friendships.

A Trans Woman Thrives in the South

A new documentary highlights the lives of LGBTQ people who are not just surviving, but thriving in red states.