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Matt Bomer Struggles to Move On From His Ex in Papi Chulo

Matt Bomer Struggles to Move On From His Ex in Papi Chulo

Matt Bomer and Alejandro Patiño star in this feature film about new starts and unlikely friendships.

Papi Chulo follows gay weatherman Sean (Matt Bomer) as he deals with his recent breakup. After a live meltdown that sends him home for a break, moving on from his ex begins to entail fixing his house. In the process, his loneliness drives him to befriend his hired painter, Ernesto (Alejandro Patino), despite the language barrier and differing life experiences. An unlikely and funny friendship forms between the two as Sean takes Ernesto to his favorite activities (such as canoeing and hiking, in which they are mistaken for a couple by a well-meaning stranger) and Ernesto introduces Sean to his family -- or at least, Sean crashes a family birthday party.

Too often gay characters are played and written by straight people. However, this film not only stars Matt Bomer, who publicly came out in 2012, but is written and directed by John Butler, an openly gay Irish filmmaker. In addition, most LGBTQ+ movies center around a queer relationship, while this story is about a newly-single gay man in need of a friend willing to listen.

Highlighting the bond between Sean and Ernesto, this film is particular timely in a world so often determined to erase the existence of gay people and Latinos. Stories such as this help to depoliticize marginalized identities, focusing on these men as people rather than defining them by the oppression they face.

In this clip, Sean tries to return to work against the advice of his co-worker, Susan (D'Arcy Carden).

Papi Chulo is out now in select theaters.

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