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A Trans Woman Thrives in the South

A new documentary highlights the lives of LGBTQ people who are not just surviving, but thriving in red states. 

In a clip from the 2018 documentary Southern Pride (directed by Malcolm Ingram), Mississippi local Danielle speaks on growing up as a trans woman in a conservative town. Danielle was told that her lesbian aunt would be going to hell, and believed that applied to herself as well. For some time, she hid her identity from her family, and suffered because of it. But now, as a bartender, she's found a community that loves and supports her. Danielle is confident and fun to listen to as she jokes about the only time she was offended by the term "tranny" -- the comment turned out to be directed at a car, not her.

In a moment when 11 trans people have been murdered in 2019 and three of them in Dallas alone, seeing a trans woman thrive in the South is more powerful than ever.

Southern Pride is available online today.

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