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Lesbian Love Triangle Featured in New Film The Sympathy Card

The Sympathy Card

The Sympathy Card is a new film that queers the love triangle trope, focusing on married lesbian couple Emma (Petey J. Gibson) and Josie (Nika Ezell Pappas) as they struggle to cope with Emma’s new cancer diagnosis. Time is limited, as well as their love, so Emma takes charge and tells Josie she’s going to help her find her next wife before she dies. The journey that follows is a darkly humorous story that balances the awkwardness of Josie’s unusual dating situation with the heartwarming love between her and her wife, not to mention the growing attraction between her and the quick-witted Siobhan (Lauren Neal).

In the clip below, newly-married Emma jokingly brags about the power Josie now has regarding her affairs once she dies, much to Emma’s mother’s dismay.

Written, directed, and produced by Brendan Boogie, The Sympathy Card premiered on June 22 at the TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood. It won the Audience Award for Best Feature - Fusion at the Dances with Films festival. The trailer can be viewed here.


Social Media links below:

Website - www.thesympathycard.com

Instagram and Twitter - @thesympathycard

Facebook - facebook.com/thesympathycard


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